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Being a part of the Lowerys Managed Service family has been a phenomenal experience over the years. They are extremely knowledgeable, very helpful and available any time to assist when we are needing IT support. Even though we are based in a small town many, many miles away, Lowerys IT goes above and beyond to make sure we are taken care of and have always been available any time we call or email. The team is very kind, supportive and always keeping us up to date with the latest technology. It has been such a pleasure working with Lowerys IT!

Oni Ferguson, Owner
Marathon Children and Family Centre
(6 computers)

Hi Terry, I wanted to mention, I have received really comfortable support from Angela, each time she has helped me with a variety of IT related questions and issues I had. She is patient, and understanding, and empathetic to someone learning a new platform. Really appreciated the hard work, and good attitude.

Dan Henrickson, Recruitment
Independent First Nations Alliance
(107 computers, 1 server)

We are non-techy people. The Lowerys IT team was so patient with us and spent the time to give us the training that we needed (sometimes over and over again) and sometimes at night or on weekends which we really appreciated. Also, our drivers are on the road constantly and depend upon their tablets and smart-phones – the unlimited smart-device support helped us out a lot!

Debbie Wheeler, Co-Owner/General Manager
Labbie Group Ltd Transportation Services, Fox Creek, AB
(5 computers)

When the Pandemic struck, we were fortunate to be an essential construction service. However, this meant we needed to find a way to navigate our business through these lockdowns. We have been using Lowerys IT and Microsoft Business 365 for a number of years. Lowerys IT set us up in SharePoint so that we have the ability to work from home or anywhere in our travels. Then we needed to move someone in our accounting office offsite as well. The Lowerys IT team spent the time to teach us how to work remotely, and we have been very pleased with the results. Lowerys IT and Microsoft Business 365 has been a “game changer” in our business and has fundamentally changed the way we do business.  And now we use Microsoft Business Voice as our phone system which makes it even easier to work from anywhere!

Dan Tamblyn, owner
Pierce Florcraft, Thunder Bay, ON
(14 computers)

Lowerys IT really makes our lives easier when it comes to dealing with the technological aspect of our operations. It’s almost become something we don’t have to think or worry about because we know that we are fully covered and can rely on them to resolve any issues that arise as well as advise us on how and when to make improvements. The service we receive from Lowerys IT feels as if it’s just an extension of our operations rather than an outsourced service. Everyone is always extremely pleasant and responsive to our requests and everything is well tracked and reported.

Karla Commisso, Operations Manager
North Superior Workforce Planning Board (NSWPB)
(9 computers) 

We are two full-time IT people in NAN and it can be really difficult to get anything done when we are constantly needed by our users who need day to day computer help. Lowerys IT took over our user help-desk in 2019 which has has been very beneficial because it freed us up to work on the things important to our organization. Then when the pandemic struck and suddenly everyone was working from home, Lowerys IT stepped in and immediately gave our users the training they needed to work remotely. I recommend the services of Lowerys IT to any organization even if they already have their own IT staff.

Angela Crozier, Manager of IT
Nishnawbe Aski Nation Corporate Services, NAN traditional territory
(177 computers, 8 servers) 

I’d like to thank your team for helping us pull off this incredible technology overhaul these past 6-months. Working with your team has been such a wonderful experience and I couldn’t have imagined the process going any smoother than it did.  Thank you again for providing us with the incredible deals you did to make it all happen within our budget.

Kimberly Kennedy (She/Her), Development Officer
Shelter House
(26 computers)

I am pleased to give this recommendation to Lowerys IT. They have been our IT provider for over 10 years now, and we have found them to be reliable and an asset to our organization. We are looking forward next to replacing our current phone system with Microsoft Business Voice.

Robert Arnone, CEO
Levaero Aviation
(72 computers)

Hi Dave and Terry, Thank you very much for your help and guidance. I appreciate it very very much! I will take a further look at all the info you provided. Once again, thank you very much for all your help. You guys are beyond amazing!

Gabriela Arenas
CMZ Energy, Thunder Bay, ON
(4 computers)

Lowerys IT has been absolutely integral to our success!   Not having to worry about the mundane day-to-day IT issues our staff encounters allows us to focus on what we do best – our OWN business.  And being able to call them for quick support on the weekend has been very beneficial.  I recommend Lowerys IT to any small business in North America!   Next, we are replacing our old-fashioned phone system with Microsoft Business Voice and looking forward to all those benefits.

Andrew Christie, CEO
Sheldon Small Business Solutions, Duluth MN
(12 computers)

After joining the Lowerys Managed Services family, we have received outstanding support in several different ways. Whether it be a physically damaged laptop, other hardware issues, or collaboration with our Prosthetics Software Support Team – Lowerys IT does not come up short. The ability to safely store documents in the Microsoft Cloud and know that our organization’s online security is in capable hands allows us to focus on what’s important to our operation. We look forward to the continued support from the Lowerys Managed IT Team.

Kerry Calder, Owner/Operator
Northland Prosthetics
(6 computers)

Email and TEAMS is at the heart of any organization and as people come and go it can be difficult to stay on top of managing all that. Lowerys IT feels to me almost like an insurance policy in that I can relax knowing that people will be setup on their computers quickly and efficiently. Also, having Lowerys IT look after day-to-day helpdesk functions has allowed us to dedicate our internal resources toward further employee training and education opportunities.

Michael Duncan, CPA, CA   Director of Finance & Property
Community Living Thunder Bay
(106 computers, 7 servers)