We know you can buy your computer hardware anywhere, and our goal is always to ensure you get the best hardware suited to your needs.

Whether we are the one supplying the hardware or we are simply consulting on a quote from another supplier, we will guide you to ensure you get the best value possible.

If you join our managed services family, you will see benefits when you decide to source your hardware from us, such as:

  • Competitive Pricing: You will never pay retail price on computer hardware.
  • Simplicity: you can tell us what your needs are, and we will handle the rest.
  • Personalized: If you order your computer from us we’ll ship it to you preconfigured and personalized for the end user.  Just type in your username and password and everything is set up already!
  • Peace of Mind: We stand behind all the products we sell and are warranty authorized for them so we can service them in house when needed.
ensure you get the best hardware suited to your needs

Lowerys IT proudly recommends Lenovo Think products.

We are also authorized dealers of Canon, Konica Minolta, Microsoft, Sharp and HP.