If you just need Licenses, get them from us.

For a limited time, we are offering 10% off Microsoft’s advertised prices for all Microsoft Office 365 licenses.  Inquire today!

We have successfully implemented over a hundred Microsoft 365 SharePoint Online sites. If you have challenges with people working from home, or collaborating on documents across multiple geographic locations – we can help! 

Have you ever run into a situation where a critical document is on your work desktop, and you are working from home today? With Microsoft Office 365 you will never face this problem again! You can rely on our expertise with the Microsoft Office 365 Cloud to ensure you are able to work seamlessly from any location, on any device. 

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Adapting to your work environment

With the onset of the COVID pandemic, video calling and online collaboration has become a top priority for organizations of every size. We are experts in deploying Microsoft Teams and can help your organization leverage this software to ensure working from home, or other unanticipated responses to the pandemic do not affect your productivity!

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Why not put your business phone system into Office 365 too?

For $21 CAD a month per user we can put your business phone system into Office 365!
(You do not have to buy this license for EVERY ONE of your users)

If you are our Managed IT customer, setup and support is INCLUDED at no additional charge!

  • Includes almost unlimited calling anywhere in the U.S. or Canada
  • Answer your business phone line on any of your devices:  On a telephone, on your SmartPhone, or on your computer
  • One Click calling to anyone in your organization
  • Easily call anyone out of your OUTLOOK address book with just a few clicks
  • Keep your existing phone numbers
  • Full Menuing system phone system with menu trees
  • Voice Mail for all your people
    • Voice Mail transcription is included
    • manage your voice mail right out of OUTLOOK