Our Team

Our Team has over 100 years of combined IT experience, and is growing every day. We are made up of a number of specialists all with different areas of expertise who collaborate to make your technology goals a reality. We have experts ranging from systems administration, network architecture, customer experience, training and much more in addition to excelling at day to day IT support.

Terry Law

Terry Law

Terry is the director of all IT services at Lowerys. A knowledgeable owner, he has shown us all time and time again that he is more than capable of running a business. Always friendly, Terry is the first to crack a joke in any situation (Unfortunately, because he is the boss we have to laugh). He has watched his business grow from a 3-man operation to a 17-person team, giving him unique insight into all aspects of managed IT services. Terry is well qualified and chalk full of experience from attending university for accounting, previous small businesses he has owned, his numerous IT certifications, and his programming prowess. Our fearless leader, and a Man-Of-All-Work.

Erin Moore

Erin is an extremely unique and integral member of Lowerys IT. Erin is the sole IT manager for over 40 different Northwestern Ontario businesses, giving him a special understanding of all the inner workings of small business networks. He has built entire workplace IT structures from the ground up, so if there is anything you need from servers to cables to support requests, Erin can handle it.

John Hill

Calculating, sharp, witty, determined. These are words you think of when it comes to John Hill. John is the last line of defence; if no one else can figure it out, you can always count on John to make it work, no matter what it is, or even when it is. This is the kind of skill you can expect after over 20 years of experience in the IT field, and it is why he is our Head of Tech. If you ever hear that your issue is being looked after by John Hill, know that it is in the best possible hands. If John can’t fix it, no one can!

Justin Livitski

There is no better candidate for Customer Project Manager than Justin. Justin brings the perfect mix of technical know-how and personability to the table. Justin has a fully functional, workplace domain network in his own house, which is how you know he takes his job seriously. Bringing over 20 years of experience to the table, you can always count on Justin to efficiently cover all the bases when managing your most important IT projects. No matter what we throw at him, Justin remains consistent, providing meaningful insights and creative solutions to the most complicated situations.

Andrew Doran

Andrew Doran

Andrew is the manager in charge of data security. Andrew is responsible for the peace-of-mind you can feel knowing that if you or someone else accidentally deletes a file - all hope is not lost! Although it’s a big job, this barely scratches the surface of all the great work Andrew does. He is also Microsoft certified to work on server operating systems. With an extensive background in computers from programming to graphic design and 3d rendering Andrew brings a lot of experience to the computer desk.

Sarah Leadbeater

Sarah has quickly worked her way up to being appointed our Manager of Customer Success. Because she started as an IT Technician, Sarah can answer any question you may have, tech related or not. And she doesn’t stop there! You may see your support request being handled by Sarah, and if that’s the case, you can rest easy knowing you’re in great hands.

John Nunn

As our most experienced IT support technician, there is not a problem you could throw at John that he will not be able to solve. John also trains all our new technicians, so much of our expertise can be attributed to him. A motivated worker, his helpful attitude and knowledgeability means that work gets done in a timely manner, even if his cat is hanging out on his shoulder.

Cory Szyja

If you need someone on site, chances are you will be seeing Cory. With his A+ and Network+ certifications no server room is too complex for him to handle. When he is in the office, Cory is a reliable and well-informed resource that any technician can turn to get helpful information to resolve support requests. Cory is also our designated antivirus technician, taking the lead on SentinelOne anti-malware/anti-ransomware software guiding the artificial intelligence that keeps your business safe from cyber threats.

Danielle LeRossignol

Danielle LeRossignol

Danielle is our administrative assistant, but she does so much more than just administration. With the help of her accounting degree, Danielle handles billing, accounting, and anything Terry can throw at her. Not only that, but if she is all caught up on administrative tasks we can always count on her to handle support requests as well. Aside from all of that, Danielle is also our designated Microsoft Teams and SharePoint trainer, constantly making time to show our customers how to use those products to their full potential.

Erin Moorehead

Erin Moorhead

As the newest Erin on our team, the expectations were high. Erin, however, was unfazed. Bringing with her a background in Microsoft Office, Erin casually balances Business analytics and information systems studies at Lakehead University with her work at Lowerys. Her bubbly and friendly personality make Erin a delight to work with. Ask her about her chinchillas (or chins, as she calls them)!

Angela Cudney

If you need computer hardware at the best possible price, and through the fastest channels, then look no further than Angela. With years spent building connections with suppliers, remote worker Angela can get you whatever you need, despite being located 1,500 kilometers from our main headquarters. Don’t think that is all Angela is capable of, when she is not taking care of hardware requests, she is fully capable of getting your business set up with managed IT services, not to mention the fact that she will also help with any tech support tickets thrown her way.

Abagail Woods

Abby is one of the newer members of our team on paper, but her work at our office dates as far back as 2007. Abby has been around technology her whole life allowing her to seamlessly transition into putting that knowledge towards our customers. Abby is DELF and AODA certified, meaning she is prepared to help anyone, in either of Canada's national languages.

Dustyn Cox

Dustyn Cox

Armed with an Honours Bachelor of Commerce, with a Major in Business Analytics and Information Systems, Dustyn was built for this job. He is our leader on Canon uniFLOW, and a whiz with fixing printers. Don’t assume his expertise stops there, though! Dustyn swiftly cemented himself as a problem solver, without failing to put a smile on everyone’s face at the office.

Jamie Nunn

Jamie is who you may refer to as our office mom. Her love for spreadsheets keeps us all organized and on track. Jamie is not afraid to take on more responsibilities, like helping with hardware orders and setting up new computers. Jamie graduated from Interactive Media Development at Confederation College, which gave her an excellent foundation to grow from here at Lowerys IT. We love when Jamie brings in treats for us all to enjoy!

Ptolemy Jin

Ptolemy is our second technician to be equipped with an Honours Bachelor of Commerce, with a Major in Business Analytics and Information Systems. Ptolemy fits right in at Lowerys IT with his previous experience in tech sales. Ptolemy is the proud owner of our office dog, Tonka. And just because we know you’ll ask, it’s pronounced tall-uh-me (the “P” is silent).

Caitlyn Roy

Caitlyn is the first face you see when you walk into Lowerys IT. She is also the voice you hear when you call Lowerys IT. As such, it is imperative that Caitlyn is friendly and courteous, while still being knowledgeable. Caitlyn embodies that perfectly. If you have a computer problem, you’ll surely have to go through Caitlyn, and she will see to it that it is sent to the proper technician in a timely manner.

Jonas Hurlen

Jonas is our freshest recruit at Lowerys IT, but don’t count him out! He has already shown us that he is a competent volume ticket closer, thanks to his background in Computer Systems Engineering at Carleton University. Despite being new at Lowerys IT, you would think Jonas has done this his whole life.

Our Mission

We are an independent company dedicated to providing the best managed IT solutions.

Our Passion

We strive to exceed your expectations. We are passionate about showing you how you can use Microsoft Office 365 to work ANYWHERE, ANY TIME safely and securely. And any time you need help – Just Call, 7 days a week!